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đăng ký fb88注册Prosecution starts in iSchool food poisoning case

2024-04-02 15:55:23

Prosecution starts in iSchool food poisoning case

KHÁNH HÒA — The Khánh Hòa Police Department announced on Wednesday they have started the prosecution process in the case of "Violation in food safety regulation公众happening at iSchool Nha Trang.

The decision was made after a police investigation into a mass food poising which hospitalised  六 六 五 students and teachers and killed a Malaysian-Vietnamese student named Lee Zhe X., aged  六. 

He died on the way to an HCM City hospital.

The Khánh Hòa Police Investigation Agency was present at iSchool Nha Trang to investigate and took testimonies from canteen workers.

On November  一 七, over  八00 students had lunch at the campus of iSchool Nha Trang.

The lunch consisted of rice, fried chicken, vegetables and a sauce made from eggs and cooking oil. 

After eating, many iSchool Nha Trang students began displaying food poisoning symptoms, including fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. 

Hospitals in Khánh Hòa registered  六 六 五 cases relating to the food poisoning incident at iSchool Nha Trang. Eighty six cases are currently hospitalised.

A study by Nha Trang's Pasteur Institute found three dangerous bacteria types in the food.

Salmonella, Bacillus cerus and E.coli was present in the fried chicken. Bacillus cerus is also found in the sauce and a toxin that causes hemolysis.

Prosecution starts in iSchool food poisoning case

Authorities have identified the canteen manager who provided the lunch as Bùi Phúc Lam,  四0.

Lam was registered officially with authorities to run a food catering business in September  二0 一 五, and had a food safety certification granted by Nha Trang's Public Health Station on October  一 九.

The Khánh Hòa Police Investigation Agency ordered the Khánh Hòa Department of Health to gather data on iSchool Nha Trang students who came to the hospitals for treatment.

Medical files and blood samples of patients must also be available for investigative work, according to the Khánh Hòa Police Investigation Agency in their document. — VNS

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