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6 Steps to Recognize Real Leather Bag

Most probably each one of us own an object made of leather, whether it is shoes, jacket, bag or else. What makes leather items a class apart from other material-based ones are their rich and natural finish coupled with durability and strength. But not every leather item is genuinely made of leather. A genuine leather product is 100% leather and is quite different from fake ones. But what makes spotting the difference is that in appearance it looks same at the first glance. This is where you must know how to identify the real, genuine one from the fake leather product. Here, we provide you some key tips on how to recognise the real leather bag: Check the LabelThe first...

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Stylish Handbags Collection for 2019 – Styles That Will Stay in Trend

Handbags are one of the most essential accessories for any women, no matter location, occasion or time of the day. There are some bags that never go out of fashion, like a clutch bag. There are diverse styles, designs and types one can find in women fashion bags out there, but few are those that overshadows all others. Here, we are going to discuss following stylish women handbags that make for an excellent addition to your wardrobe in the coming year: Evening Clutches Going to party or have movie date with your partner or attending a formal dinner? Whatever your outing plan is for the evening, a clutch makes for a great addition. It not only holds important stuff like your...

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