6 Steps to Recognize Real Leather Bag

Most probably each one of us own an object made of leather, whether it is shoes, jacket, bag or else. What makes leather items a class apart from other material-based ones are their rich and natural finish coupled with durability and strength.

But not every leather item is genuinely made of leather. A genuine leather product is 100% leather and is quite different from fake ones. But what makes spotting the difference is that in appearance it looks same at the first glance. This is where you must know how to identify the real, genuine one from the fake leather product. Here, we provide you some key tips on how to recognise the real leather bag:

  1. Check the Label
    The first and foremost thing you should check is check the label of the bag for the manufacturer’s product material mark. If the label reads ‘man-made material’ then it is not genuine leather but a synthetic material. A blank label also means that it is probably not real leather. A real leather item will be marked – Genuine Leather or real leather or Full/Top Grain leather.
  2. Feel the Leather
    Real leather is not smooth in surface like synthetic materials, and the surface grain of the bag will have imperfections like pores and pebbles that are unique to this material object. You will find wrinkles, scratches, and creases along that is a sign of genuine leather.
  3. Smell the Leather
    A faux leather item is synthetic and made of plastic, therefore when you smell that you will sniff plastic or glue. While real leather is treated animal skin that is quite different to the synthetic material. Smell a synthetic object first and then a leather one to know if you can tell and identify the difference or not.
  4. Press Into The Leather
    A real leather surface will show wrinkle when you press it, identical to real skin. This won’t be possible when you press a synthetic item.
  5. Check the Edges
    A synthetic, faux leather item will have smooth and even edges, while a top grain or genuine leather product will have rough edges (because of strands of real leather) and this is one difference you can spot quickly.
  6. Pour Water Drops on Leather
    Know this: real leather absorbs some amount of water while synthetic leather doesn’t. Pour a small drop of water on the bag’s surface and the genuine leather will absorb it in a few seconds.

When you want to buy a real leather item for its uniqueness, characteristic, durability and rich natural elegant finish, it is necessary that you research fully and buy from a reliable supplier who certifies their products to be made of genuine leather.



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