Our Quality Promise

Leather Types

In today's competitive market traders sell their goods advertising as 'Leather Bag or Jackets' etc. which makes it very difficult for buyers to make a decision. Leather comes in different types i.e. 'Faux Leather', 'PVC Leather' and 'Genuine Leather'.

Faux leather (also referred to as “leatherette” or “vegan” leather) is often considered as a lower cost alternative to genuine leather. Genuine leather is in high demand and for good reasons.

Our Quality Promise

We believe in 'Quality' rather than 'Quantity' and proud to design and produce quality top grain genuine leather products and take pride in providing true description.

If you find that our products material is not genuine leather where stated then we'll REFUND 100% of your money and you can have the product for FREE. We know the material of our products and that's why give you life time guaranty to buy with Confidence.

Tips to Recognise Genuine Leather

1. Check the surface grain, find imperfections? Well that's actually a great thing. Genuine Leather goods made from animal skins, thus every single piece is random and unique.

2. You might find scratches, wrinkles and creases on real/genuine leather, they are the signs of REAL LEATHER.

3. Smell the leather to search for musty, natural smell instead of plastic like smell.

4. Real/Genuine Leather will only char slightly and smell like a bit like burnt hair. Note: Please do not perform this test on any of your goods as it'll completely damage your goods.

5. Drop few drops of water on the leather product, real/genuine leather will absorb the moisture whereas fake leather will simply puddle up on the top.



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